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At Down syndrome Australia we offer support and information for people with Down syndrome and their families all over the country.

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We are made up of associations from each state and territory.

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We have all come together to:


  • represent people with Down syndrome
A supporter smiling with a little girl that has Down syndrome


  • support people with Down syndrome
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  • help people with Down syndrome achieve their goals.
Donation money

If you join the association in your state or territory:


  • your money helps keep them going
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  • you can find helpful information
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  • you can connect to an exciting community of:
    • people with Down syndrome
    • families
    • supporters.

Advocacy and policy

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We represent people with Down syndrome and their families all over Australia.

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Advocacy is an important part of what we do.

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It means we speak up for people with Down syndrome.

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We talk to:


  • the state and territory associations
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  • the Government
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  • national organisations.


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We talk to the Government about the NDIS.

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We want to make sure the NDIS was right for people with Down syndrome.

A girl smiling with her sister that has Down syndrome


We want to help people with Down syndrome, their families and carers make good choices about supports and services.

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We want to give you:

  • information
  • tools
  • resources

that will support you when you have to make decisions.

A staff asking for funding


We are trying to get funding that will help us do this.

The Migration Act

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There is a law that stops some families from coming to live in Australia if a family member has Down syndrome.

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This law is called the Migration Act.

The icons of the Migration Act form with the changing arrows


Associations in some states have been trying to get changes made to the Migration Act.

A group of committee is discussing in the Government department


The government put together a committee to review the law.

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The work the associations did was a very important part of making this happen.

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