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People with Down syndrome want the same things as other people:


  • a good start in life
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  • a good education
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  • a good job
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  • a nice place to live
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  • to take part in their community
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We work together with the state and territory Down syndrome associations.

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We all want to make sure people with Down syndrome can reach their goals.

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We need support from people and businesses to help us.

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There are different ways that you can support us:


  • donate money
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  • fundraise for us
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  • join the Down syndrome association in your state
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  • volunteer.


Australian money


We need money to help us keep doing our important work.

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We do not get any money from the Government to help us run Down Syndrome Australia.

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Giving us a donation is the best way to help us.

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You can make a donation through online banking or by sending us a cheque.

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You can use our donation form.

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You can post the form to us at:

Down Syndrome Australia

18/71 Victoria Crescent


Victoria 3067

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If you send us the form we will send you a receipt.

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Donations over $2 are tax deductible.


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Many people want to help us by taking part in fundraising events.

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Some people like to try big challenges and take part in events like:

  • running
  • cycling.
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We are grateful to these people for trying to help us.

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If you go to our Events page you can find out more.

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It has information about World Down Syndrome Day and Step UP! For Down Syndrome.


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Down Syndrome Australia is made up of associations from each state and territory.

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If you join the association in your state or territory:


  • your money helps keep them going
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  • you can find helpful information


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  • you can connect to an exciting community of:
    • people with Down syndrome
    • families
    • supporters.
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Visit the contact us page to find your local association.


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Volunteers are a very important part of Down Syndrome Australia.

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Volunteers help us to be a voice for people with Down syndrome and their families in Australia.

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Volunteering is a way to help you connect with your community.

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Volunteering can help you develop skills.

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Anybody can apply to become a volunteer.

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You need to contact the association in your state or territory.

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